La Vin Grand Opening

September 20, 2016 19:00

La Vin Wines et Petite Cucina La Vin Wines et Petite Cucina, Basement, Yuen Yick Building, 27 & 29 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Dear friends,

Glorious is the past of a Tastings wine bar icons of style, elegance innovation and glamour.
We, most regular within the regulars, are ready to take the baton!

La Vin Wines et Petite Cucina is ready to open its doors to all the Hong Kong wine and Mediterranean food lovers.

New offer of food and wines from vinery of allover the world; an online shop for who wants to enjoy the pleasures of La Vin in the comfort of home; new working hours that let you enjoy the health Mediterranean diet during lunch time plus an amazing happy hour that dare not to make anyone disappointed.

We are looking forward to see our closest friends at the party and after 9 pm La Vin will be open for everyone!

Cheers and remember:

“Où l’hôtesse est beau, le vin est bon” 😉